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YASA Creative Economy Program is aimed at digging up the highly potential sector to spur economic growth in Kenya while at the same share the opportunities and challenges faced in the creative economy. The engagements will further encourage the creatives to use their talents and skills to: explore opportunities for cultural activism; social cohesion; promotion of transparency and accountability in government and all sectors; and improvement of sustainability.

Creative Economy Dialogues

These series of discussions and mentorship that focuses on the contribution of the creative economy and industries towards the achievement of equitable, inclusive and sustainable development, cultural activism, promotion of transparency and accountability in government and improvement of sustainability in the cultural sector in the region.

  1. Enhance information and knowledge on Creative Economy and responses.
  2. Establish Youth Creative Economy Ambassadors across the country.
  3. To facilitate Constructive Exchange of Information, trends and emerging issues.
  4. Encourage and Mentor Youth Creative Economy
  5. Provide a platform for the Youth to Advocate for Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity in nation building.
  6. Identify and strengthen linkages/partnership
  7. Promote the exchange of personal experience for learning and taking action
  8. Scale the Program success / learnt lessons to other counties in the region and nationally.
  1. Enhanced information and knowledge share and responses
  2. Informed discussion and share
  3. Established partnerships and linkages
  4. Personal experiences shared for learning and action
  5. Recognition of efforts on work already being done and the Youth who engaged in Youth empowerment.
  6. Increased Youth awareness and participation in Accountability, Transparency and Integrity in Nation Building.


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