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In Kenya, the average age of a farmer stands at 60 years. According to the 2009 census, approximately 38 million people, youth (15-35 years) and children (0-14 years) together represent 78% of the Kenyan population. The current unemployment rate in Kenya stands at approximately 40%. An estimated 64% of the country’s unemployed are the youth. A large divide exists in the agricultural sector, despite the sector emerging as the second largest foreign exchange earner in the Kenyan economy.

YASA Agripreneurship Program aims to create sustainable employment for the rural youth through active engagement in agribusiness for wealth creation and poverty reduction.

We give capacity building on entrepreneurship; practical training that build up Youth skills in cash flow management; personal awareness and leadership skills ; Financial management ; Technical/ICTs/ social media use for agribusiness among others. These youth will also be provided with support for establishing linkages to market in order to commercialise their production and generate revenues. They will benefit from mentoring and incubation services offered by professional agricultural organisations and incubators.


  • To assist the unemployed youth to enter the agri-business sector;
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills of youth in agri-business;
  • Assisting youth to build up the required skills for entry into formal job market;
  • Assisting participating youth to set up and develop their own agri-business enterprises.


The initiative aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The enterprise skills of youth in selected agriculture value chains are developed and enhanced;
  • Involvement of rural young women in agripreneurship is strengthened;
  • Young agripreneurs involved are offering innovative, value-added and remunerative services in targeted commodities;
  • Youth groups, aggregating in small agribusinesses have increased access to profitable markets and have generate increased revenues.
  • Youth mentored into successful agripreneurship


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